Buoyancy Compensator

Buoyancy Compensator

Wide range of styles of high quality buoyancy compensators for scuba diving including jacket style, back inflation, wing and backplate, and sidemount. Great selection of sizes including men's, women's, extra small, and extra large.


Use: A warm-water or Travel BCD tends to be made of lighter-duty materials, such as lightweight bladder and plastic instead of stainless steel parts. This makes them very travel-friendly but due to their construction, not usually recommended for cold water diving. Cold-water BCD's tend to be made of thicker, tougher materials, stainless steel d-rings and other parts, and generally have more lift.

Style: In a jacket-style BCD, the inflatable bladder will be along your back and around your sides underneath your armpits. In a back-inflate style, the inflatable bladder will only be along your back, allowing more freedom of movement at your sides. The wing & backplate style incorporates the use of a stainless steel or aluminum backplate and a replaceable back-inflate bladder. This type of system is very modular and accommodates a variety of types of diving and styles. A sidemount BCD is generally used for sidemount diving, however some are a hybrid style that allow the diver to use with single or double backmounted tanks as well.

Fit: Most BCD's are unisex in their fit. Ladies BCD's are built specifically to fit a ladies body with narrower shoulder areas, shorter torso length, and trimmed areas around the bust and hip areas.

Weight Integration: Weights may be worn inside weight-integrated pockets rather than a belt and may include front/side pockets as well as back/trim pockets.

Pockets: Not inculding weight-integrated pockets, this includes pockets to stow accessories and small items.

Tank Bands: The number of bands that secure your tank and the cam buckle may be either plastic or stainless steel.

Over Pressure Valves: A fast way to release air or where excess air will release from. May include a quick release mechanism in the power inflator. Usually includes 1-3 quick dumps on the lower inside or outside of the bladder.

Lift: This refers to the amount of weight that the BCD can maintain positive buoyancy while fully inflated at the surface. Most divers, especially with a buoyant wetsuit on, will not require much assistance (lift) to float at the surface. So when considering lift value of your BCD, think more in terms of the weight of your other gear such as lead weights worn, tank weight, other accessories. For example, cold water diving which inherently involves more lead weight to be worn by the diver, will require a BCD with a higher lift value. Warm water diving, where little to no weight may be worn, will require a BCD with a lower lift value.


  • Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD - White Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD - Black

    Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD - Ladies


    CDN $1,249.99
    Comfortable and lightweight, this BCD works great for travel to warmer water or for at home cold water diving in Canada. Very customizable with multi-attachment points for accessories and pockets, interchangeable straps, and optional color kits. Made...
    CDN $1,249.99