Eagle Ray & Dry Snorkel Set

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  • Eagle Ray Dry Snorkel Set - Red
  • Eagle Ray Dry Snorkel Set -Blue
  • Eagle Ray Mask side window
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A high quality snorkeling set for exploring the water during your next tropical vacation. Great for snorkeling or scuba diving. 

The Eagle Ray scuba mask has a three lens panoramic view with a front single lens and two side lenses. Because the frame comes off the face further, it is excellent for fitting larger facial features such as noses or foreheads. The soft, high quality silicone skirt ensures a good fit on your face. The side buckles keep the silicone strap securely on your head.

The Elite dry snorkel prevents water from entering the snorkel tube while snorkeling on the surface and when you hold your breath and dive below the surface. Comfortable and soft silicone mouthpiece. 


  • Eagle Ray  Mask (high quality silicone mask)
  • Elite Dry Snorkel that prevents water from entering inside the tube while on the surface
  • Choice of plastic mask case or mesh bag with drawstring for easy storage, drying, and carrying
  • Comfortable neoprene strap cover that prevents hair from being tugged and pulled
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