Choose from a great selection of neoprene hoods for cold-water and warm-water scuba diving and snorkeling. Thick 7mm hoods are required for cold-water diving. Thinner, tropical hoods are sufficient for warm-water diving and snorkeling. Hoods with a bib have a piece of neoprene that extends beyond the chin and lays on the shoulders, great for tucking inside a wetsuit to prevent water flow into the wetsuit. A bibless hood ends just below the chin and sits above the shoulders, perfect for use with a drysuit as it can't be tucked inside the neck seal so will sit nicer against the neck. All of our products are hand-picked and used by our Divemasters and Instructors when the scuba dive or snorkel in Canada or around the world.

Reef Tips Gear Guide | Hoods

  • DUI Short Collar Drysuit Hood 7mm

    DUI Short Collar Drysuit Hood 7mm


    CDN $96.00
    Made with high quality 7mm superior stretch neoprene for ultimate comfort when worn with a scuba drysuit. Features: One-way vents and large face seal for warmth No seams under the chin for added comfort Bibbless design cuts hood off just below chin...
    CDN $96.00
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  • XS Scuba 2mm Beanie XS Scuba 2mm Beanie - Sizing Guidelines

    XS Scuba 2mm Beanie

    XS Scuba

    CDN $35.00
    Prevents heat loss from your head and provides thermal protection during snorkeling, swimming, or diving in warm water. Use: Warm water scuba diving, snorkeling, swimmingThickness: 2mm Material: Stretchy neopreneStyle: Covers...
    CDN $35.00