Tovatec Fusion 260 Light

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  • Tovatec 260 lumen light
CDN $99.00


Compact dive light that is small enough to fit in a pocket as a backup light or a video light. Features an adjustable beam angle from 12°, great for night diving or peaking in cracks and crevices, to 100°, perfect for underwater video. Includes lanyard, 18650 Li-ion battery, charger, USB cable.

Burn Time: 2 hours
Brightness: 260 lumens
Beam: Adjustable: 12-100° Zoom Beam Angle
Battery: Rechargeable CR18650 Li-ion with circuit protection (included) or AA alkaline (not included)
Bulb: LED 1 XP-G2
Housing Matieral: Aluminum
Diameter: 1.1 inches
Length: 5.4 inches
Depth Rated: 328ft (100m)

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Warranty Information

Check with Tovatec for the most up to date warranty information:
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