Scubapro Go Travel Fin - Open Heel

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  • Scubapro Go Fin
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The Go Fin by Scubapro is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and perfect for travel, snorkeling, and even scuba diving.

Very durable, the Go Fin is made with 100 percent Monprene® construction which helps avoid the problems of delamination, broken blades and torn foot pockets that tend to plague average thermoplastic fins. Built with a 25-degree pre-angled blade, central panel to provide rigidity, and underside rails to prevent overflexing of the blade, the Go Fin maintains an optimum angle for efficient and speedy kicking.

This lightweight fin weighs in on average 1.2kg (2.6lbs) making it super travel friendly. An interlocking tooth on one fin blade hooks into the second fin, then the bungee strap from the second fin hooks the heel of the first fin into place. It's a snug pairing that makes packing and traveling that much easier.

Type: Open-Heel, wear with light sock or bare feet 
Main Use: Snorkeling or scuba diving
Flexibility: Low stiffness, medium flexibility 
Strap Style: Bungee strap
Kicking Style: Flutter or frog kick 
Comfort & Fit: Foot pocket is comfortable even with bare feet although a light lycra or neoprene sock is optimal


SIZES (based on a bare foot, or light lycra sock)

  Foot Size    Ladies Foot Size    Fin Length*   
3X-Small      10-13 Youth    3-5 17.75 inches 
2X-Small 1-2 Youth, 2-5 Men's    5-7 18.75 inches 
X-Small 5-8 Men's 7-9 19 inches 
Med-Large 8-11 Men's 9-11 20.5 inches 
X-Large 11-13 Men's 13+ 22 inches 

*Actual length of total fin, for packing purposes

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Warranty Information

SCUBAPRO warrants to the original consumer purchaser that, for the period of one year from date of purchase, each SCUBAPRO product component not otherwise warranted, and each SCUBAPRO replacement part, purchased from and authorized SCUBAPRO dealer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and with reasonable maintenance.
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