Snorkel Vests

Snorkel Vests

Wide range of styles and sizes of snorkel vests for the snorkeling enthusiast.


Purpose: A snorkel vest will allow you to comfortably rest at the surface with little effort while it is inflated, providing more comfort and security while snorkeling in deeper water. It will allow you to dive down beneath the surface when deflated. Please note, a snorkeling vest is NOT a life jacket or Personal Floatation Device and therefore should not be used as such and relied on in such a way.

Inflatable bladder: All snorkeling vests are a bladder that you can inflate and deflate to control your buoyancy. The bladder will mainly lay along your front chest area allowing you to comfortably float on your stomach. The bladder is easily inflated and deflated using the inflator tube attached to the vest. 

Style: A horse-collar design is a donut-shaped bladder where your head fits through the middle hole and is secured by straps. There is nothing covering your back with this style. A jacket-style design fits more like a jacket with a zipper in the front and neoprene covering your back.  A vest design is similar to a jacket but tends to be more form-fitting and a more size-specific fit compared to the horse-collar or jacket-style designs, which can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes.