Wide variety of high quality snorkels featuring semi-dry and dry tops, purge valves, and silicone mouthpieces. Choose from a wide range of styles and colors.


Mouthpiece: A soft, silicone mouthpiece will provide a more comfortable fit in your mouth. All snorkels come with a standard size mouthpiece, but are easily changed for other types of mouthpieces.

Flexible Tube: The flexible tube that connects the top part of the snorkel with the bottom mouthpiece is flexible and easily bent. This is to allow for a more comfortable fit while in your mouth and allows the mouthpiece to drop away from your face when not in use. This is more comfortable than a snorkel with a rigid, non-flexing tube.

Purge Valve: A one-way purge valve located near the mouthpiece will allow unwanted water to be blown out of the snorkel by simply exhaling forcefully into the mouthpiece. Compared with a non-purge snorkel where the water will need to be blown all the way out the top of the snorkel.

Snorkel Top: The type of top on your snorkel can include an open-end, semi-dry top, or dry top. The open-end snorkel is fully open at the top with no wave-guard to prevent splashes from entering your snorkel. The semi-dry top will usually include a wave-guard that prevents splashes and waves from entering the snorkel, but will still allow water to enter if you dive down below the surface. A dry-top will not only prevent waves and splashes from entering the snorkel on the surface, but will also prevent water from entering the tube when you dive down below the surface.