Great selection of swimming gear including swim goggles, swim training fins, and a few accessories that are handy for at the pool or beach. 

Can't see so good? How about some optical lenses for your swim goggles. They are not your exact prescription, but they closely match your prescription and will work very well for most people. We stock the optical lenses at our warehouse. We can usually build your goggles the same day and ship it to you right away. No waiting, quick turn-around! Not sure what to select for your lenses, please consult with your optometrist for advice on choosing a generic optical lens for a dive mask. Click on the product photos for a guideline as well.

  • Doc's Pro Plugs - Pin holes allow for ear equalization while snorkeling or scuba diving Doc's Pro Plugs - Measure ear for correct fit

    Doc's Pro-Plugs

    Doc's Proplugs

    CDN $26.00
    Stops water from entering the ear while swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. A small pin hole makes equalization while scuba diving or snorkeling a lot easier. Reduces "ear squeeze" caused by inability to equalize between the outer and middle ear...
    CDN $26.00
  • Waterproof DryCase for smart phone Waterproof DryCase for smart phone

    DryCase for Smart Phone


    CDN $60.00
    Listen to your tunes, watch a video, or play games anywhere! On the beach, on the boat, snorkeling, swimming, laying next to the pool, or during a nice bubblebath! No worries about water, sand, dirt, or debris wrecking your precious investment. Use your...
    CDN $60.00
  • Gear Aid Micro Fibre Towel - Blue Gear Aid Micro Fibre Towel - Green

    Gear Aid Micro Fibre Towel

    Gear Aid

    CDN $45.00
    Quick drying microfiber towels resist odors with a powerful antimicrobial treatment. Take them camping, backpacking, diving, swimming, to the gym, snorkeling, flying or to the beach. Dries fast and packs very compact. Features: Super absorbent Dries...
    CDN $45.00
  • Paddle Glove

    Hyperflex Paddle Glove


    CDN $35.00
    Webbed glove is great for bodyboarding, swimming, surfing, and even as an emergency hand paddle for kayaking. Lycra stretch top panel with mesh skin neoprene palm. Use: Swimming or surfingMaterial: LycraStyle: 5-finger webbed
    CDN $35.00
  • Swim Goggle - Black Swim Goggle - Blue

    Platina Swim Goggles


    CDN $30.00
    Very comfortable swim goggles with changeable nose bridge piece to accommodate a variety of face shapes and sizes.  Features: Super Anti-Fog treatment 100% UV Protection 100% Silicone Split Strap Cushion seal type face pad Optional Optical...
    CDN $30.00
  • Kid's Swim Goggles - Blue Kid's Swim Goggles - Blue

    Swim Goggle Child


    CDN $15.00
    Child swim goggles are perfect for active kids for swimming. Long lasting silicone eye seals fit snugly to the face creating a comfortable fit. Super Anti-Fog treatment 100% UV Protection
    CDN $15.00
  • Swimmers Ear Drops Swimmers Ear Drops

    Swimmers Ear Drops

    Innovative Scuba

    CDN $10.00
    Dries and relieves water-clogged ears that can occur when water remains in the ear following swimming, scuba diving, surfing, showering. Recommended to dry up excess water and make the user more comfortable. Formulated with a unique moisturizing...
    CDN $10.00
  • Wetsox Shorts Wetsox Shorts Features

    Wetsox Shorts


    CDN $69.00
    Sick of your board shorts bunching up under your wetsuit? Don't want to wear a skimpy speedo? The Wetsox Shorts are a perfect solution. Made of thin and stretchy 1mm neoprene will add a thin layer of insulation while staying close to your skin and...
    CDN $69.00
  • XS Scuba 2mm Beanie XS Scuba 2mm Beanie - Sizing Guidelines

    XS Scuba 2mm Beanie

    XS Scuba

    CDN $35.00
    Prevents heat loss from your head and provides thermal protection during snorkeling, swimming, or diving in warm water. Use: Warm water scuba diving, snorkeling, swimmingThickness: 2mm Material: Stretchy neopreneStyle: Covers...
    CDN $35.00