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  • Doc's Pro Plugs - Pin holes allow for ear equalization while snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Doc's Pro Plugs - Measure ear for correct fit
  • Doc's Pro Plugs - Improper fit, not a good seal

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Stops water from entering the ear while swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. A small pin hole makes equalization while scuba diving or snorkeling a lot easier. Reduces "ear squeeze" caused by inability to equalize between the outer and middle ear. Helps prevent infection, vertigo, and thermal reaction.

Sizes (see photo for measuring guide)
T = 2 cm
XS = 2.2 cm
MS = 2.3 cm
S = 2.5 cm
M = 2.7 cm
L = 3.0 cm
XL = 3.3 cm
XXL = 3.5 cm

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4 Reviews

  • 5

    It works...

    Posted by Marc on 2022 Oct 6th

    Yes, they work very well until you loose one! I'll buy another set soon...

  • 5

    enfin ! je peut faire plusieurs plongées à répétitions. je ne fais plus d'otite également. beaucoup plus de facilité à équilibrer et surtout si il y a beaucoup de variantes de profondeur

    Posted by Marilou on 2020 Sep 9th

    je recommande vivement !

  • 5

    Doc’s Pro Plugs

    Posted by Bruce Morrison on 2019 Sep 27th

    I have suffered ear infections after most dive trips and even, just from swimming. I had bought these years ago but was reluctant to try them. Finally I decided it’s better to prevent water in the ear, than deal with the results. After 6 dive days in Cozumel with 18 dives, I returned home with no ear trouble. The things actually work. I did however eventually loose one, so I’m buying more for the next trip.

  • 5

    Perfect !

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Sep 14th

    Perfect !

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