Boots, Water Shoes, & Socks

Boots, Water Shoes, & Socks

Protect your feet from cold and abrasion with neoprene socks, boots, and water shoes. Variety of styles and sizes to fit kids, youth, women, and men.


Use: A neoprene boot or water shoe will protect your feet from sharp coral and objects while walking in the water or along the beach. The rubber sole will provide extra grip on a wet, slippery boat. The neoprene will provide thermal protection, even in warm water. Boots or water shoes can not be used with full-foot fins. A neoprene or lycra sock will provide more comfort when worn with full-foot fins and may provide more thermal protection when worn inside a boot.

Thickness: For temperate or cold water diving & snorkeling, a minimum 7mm thickness is required to keep your feet warm. For warmer, tropical water, anything from 3mm to 7mm is comfortable. Don't worry about having too warm of feet with a thicker boot, this is usually not an issue.

Comfort: Based on sizing and overall fit.