Wide range of wetsuits for both snorkeling and scuba diving, huge selection of sizes including men's, women's, kid's, youth, extra small, and extra large.


Use: First thing to consider, where are you using the wetsuit, warm water or cold water, and will it be for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Style: A shorty wetsuit will have short legs (to the knees) and short arms (just above the elbow). A full wetsuit or jumpsuit will have full length arms and legs. A 2-piece wetsuit will either have a jacket (full arms, short legs) that fits over a farmer john bottom (full legs, no arms) or a tunic/core warmer (short legs, no arms) that fits over a full wetsuit. A 2-piece will essentially double up the thermal protection over your core.

Material: A lycra suit will be thin, very elastic, and works well to provide UV and sting protection. A wetsuit made with Regular neoprene will have minimal stretch and basic comfort qualities. A wetsuit made with Stretchy neoprene will be more flexible, easier to get on and take off, will conform to your figure better, and will have higher comfort qualities.

Thickness: A dive skin provides excellent UV and sting protection, but does not provide a lot of thermal protetion on its own. Worn underwater a wetsuit, it will help to keep a barrier between your skin, the water, and the wetsuit which will help with thermal protection. A 3mm wetsuit will be sufficient in warm water. If you are prone to getting cold easily, consider a 5mm wetsuit even in warm water. A 7mm wetsuit is required for temperate and cold water.