Wide variety of underwater cameras for scuba diving and snorkeling. Great selection including economical reusable cameras to high end digital cameras with external strobes and lights.


Use: For snorkeling, a depth rating of approximately 20-25ft is sufficient for a snorkeling camera. For scuba diving, a depth rating of approximately 130ft is sufficient as this is recreational limits for scuba diving. 

Strobes & Lights: For shallow depths, such as with snorkeling, a flash is not necessary as there is a lot of reflection from the sand and extra light will over-expose your photos. Beyond 20 feet, an external flash (for photos) and external light (for video) is preferred to improve the colors in the photo and reduce backscatter. 

Lenses: A macro lens will allow better focusing in a close-up situation. A fish-eye or wide-angle lens will allow for a wide field of view.

Filter: A colored filter for scuba diving or snorkeling will add back the vibrant colors and reduce the blues and greens.

Trays & Arms: A tray is the flat piece that a camera will sit on and attach to allowing for arms to be attached for lights and strobes.