Can't see the fish? Can't Read your Gauges/Dive Computer?... Optical Lenses!!

Having trouble seeing the fish or reading your dive computer? We have a mask for that!

Pre-made, tempered-glass optical lenses for your snorkeling or dive mask can make a huge difference in your level of enjoyment while snorkeling or scuba diving. The pre-made lenses are not your exact prescription, but for most people they are close enough that the difference is nearly unnoticeable for the short time that you're wearing them in the water. Custom tempered-glass lenses are also available when you want a more exact lens or your prescription is too complicated for the pre-made lenses. Custom lenses are more expensive and take more time to manufacture, so considering the pre-made option first is always recommended.

"But I know nothing about reading my eye prescription!" No problem, let us help you figure it out...

First of all, you will need a copy of your eye prescription from your eye doctor (not your contact lens precsription, this is different).

Secondly, consider what you are using the mask for: snorkeling or scuba diving. If you're snorkeling (or swimming), don't worry about seeing close-up (unless you're using a camera). For scuba diving, you will need to consider your distance vision as well as close-up in order to read your gauges, dive computer, or camera.

What are your needs?

I can see close-up, but not distance:

  • You are "near-sighted" and require a NEGATIVE diopter lens
  • Pre-made negative (-) diopter lenses are available from -1.0 and up -10.0
  • Custom-made single vision lenses with your exact prescription are also available

I can see far away, but not close-up:

  • You are "far-sighted" and require a POSITIVE diopter lens
  • Pre-made positive (+) diopter lenses are available from +1.0 and up to +6.0
  • Custom-made single vision lenses with your exact prescription are also available

I can see ok overall, but I am unable to read my gauges or use my camera:

  • You may just need some READERS to read close-up
  • Reader lenses have a small correction lens only in the lower 1/3 of the mask lens
  • Pre-made positive reader lenses are available from +1.0 and up to +4.0

I can see well close-up, but not distance. Distance correction lenses distort my ability to see close-up:

  • You may need the COMBO or SEE-UNDER lens that have a negative diopter correction combined with a blank bottom 1/3 reader
  • This will allow for distance correction with room on the bottom of the lens to remain blank or to add a stick-on bifocal reader lens
  • Combo lenses are available in -2.0, -3.0, and -4.0 on the top 2/3 of the lens, with the bottom 1/3 being plain glass
  • Custom-made see-under lenses with your exact prescription on top and a blank, glass lens on the bottom are also available

I can't see distance or close-up:

  • This is difficult to correct with a pre-made lens, you will want to consider a custom-made BIFOCAL lens that will correct for distance (or close-up) on top and a separate reader lens on the bottom 1/3 of the lens


2023 Jan 26th Angie Garred

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