Wide variety of high quality fins for both scuba diving and snorkeling. Choose from different styles, sizes, and colors to suit everyone in the family, including kids, women, and men.


Type: Includes full-foot fins and open-heel fins. Full-foot fins are usually worn bare-foot or with a light neoprene or lycra sock. These are for warm-water snorkeling or scuba diving. Open-heel fins have an adjustable strap on the back of the heel. These are for warm-water or cold water snorkeling or scuba diving, but must be worn with a light or heavy boot depending on the water temperature.

Main Use: Fins for snorkeling may be shorter and more flexible. Fins for scuba diving need to be longer and stiffer to accommodate for the extra weight of the tank and gear that you will be pushing through the water. While scuba diving fins may be worn while snorkeling, generally snorkeling fins are not meant for scuba diving. Also consider the terrain that you will encounter if shore diving or snorkeling, and whether neoprene boots with a rubber sole will be a preferred foot cover rather than bare feet.

Flexibility: A more flexible fin will reduce fatigue and cramping on your legs as you propel through the water, however the compromise will be less speed and power. On the other hand, a stiffer fin may cause more fatigue and cramping, when used with proper kicking technique can provide more efficient speed and power.

Strap Style: Most open-heel fins will have a Quick-Release style strap easily adjusts for size and unclips for easy exit. Spring straps are not adjustable but a use the power of a spring to hold the strap in place, making them much easier to put on and take off. Most quick-release straps can be replaced with a strap style. A Rubber Bungee style is similar to the spring strap in that it is not adjustable but utilizes the power of a bungee to hold the strap in place.

Kicking Style: A flutter kick is the basic fin kick used for snorkeling and scuba diving, straight legs with slight bend at the knee moving up and down. A frog kick (or cave kick) is a more advanced kick that looks like the swimming action of a frog.

Comfort: Based on foot pocket, strap (if applicable), overall fit.


  • Scubapro Seawing Nova Fin - White Scubapro Seawing Nova Fin - Blue

    Scubapro Seawing Nova Fin


    CDN $299.99
    The Seawing Nova combines the power, acceleration and maneuverability of a paddle fin with the comfort, efficiency and effortless speed of split fins. The articulated joint allows the blade to pivot and the entire blade is able to generate thrust. Pivot...
    CDN $299.99
  • Tusa Solla Scuba Fins - Yellow Tusa Solla Scuba Fins - Blue

    Tusa Solla Scuba Fins


    CDN $160.00
    The Solla fin by Tusa combines plastic and rubber for a comfortable combination of flex and power. Type: Open-heel,– wear with a neoprene boot Main Use: Scuba diving Flexibility: Medium stiffness Strap Style: Quick release Kicking Style: Flutter Comfort...
    CDN $160.00