Are You Prepared for a Diving Emergency?

Are You Prepared for a Diving Emergency?

As per the Divers Alert Network (DAN):

"In an emergency, oxygen first aid can improve outcomes... Are you equipped? Oxygen first aid is the first line of treatment for both decompression sickness (DCS) and arterial gas embolism (AGE). The general recommendation is that all divers displaying symptoms that could indicate decompression illness be given first aid oxygen on the surface; breathing pure oxygen may help alleviate and even resolve symptoms of DCS."

The RescuEAN Pod is a life-saving product that delivers nitrox and decompression gas oxygen mixes safely in a constant flow to an injured diver in accordance with the standards of current best clinical practice. It can be used for both conscious and unconscious casualties, as well as those individuals who deteriorate into cardiac arrest and require resuscitation prior to the arrival of emergency medical services.

The RescuEAN Pod system is lightweight, compact, and easily recognizable in bright orange. Constructed of 316 marine grade stainless steel, ABS plastic, nylon, and rubber making the pod robust and corrosion-resistant. There are no lubricants used within the pod and the orings within the valve system are those recommended for use with medical and oxygen equipment. It is simple to use and very effective, making it easy to pack in a gear bag or your travel bag when going on vacation. It is small enough to be carried underwater during your dive (shore or cave diving) or be left ready for immediate use for shore or boat diving.

The Pod may be beneficial in all emergencies, it is particularly effective:

  • For individual divers who do not have access to emergency oxygen equipment at the dive site
  • For technical divers who already have access to high oxygen concentration stage bottles
  • For rebreather divers who already have 100% oxygen available in their oxygen bottle
  • As a support for boat operators as a backup for existing onboard oxygen kits;
  • Emergency situations where an oxygen kit is unavailable, already in use, is exhausted of oxygen, or there are multiple casualties
  • As a back-up or primary aid for overseas dive trips where emergency oxygen may or may not be readily available

The Pod has been designed for use with a casualty whether they are conscious, semi-conscious, or unconscious. Once set up, the high oxygen mix that is available can be given to a non-responsive casualty via a bag valve mask or via a pocket mask with an oxygen inlet. For responsive patients, a high concentration oxygen (non-rebreather) mask can be used. The Pod's internal valve controls the airflow between 0, 15, and purge (25 LPM).

The Pod quickly attaches to a standard power inflator hose found on scuba diving regulator sets which is attached to a cylinder with a higher concentration of oxygen, for example nitrox or decompression gases.

2023 May 14th

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