Drysuit and Wetsuit repair. Aquaseal FD vs. Aquaseal Neo

Drysuit and Wetsuit repair. Aquaseal FD vs. Aquaseal Neo

Need a fix? But what is your best option for repairing wetsuit, dry suit, gloves, wetsuit boots etc. It's not uncommon to need repairs over time and use especially on neoprene. The most popular neoprene products these days trend to the more stretchy and comfortable neoprene however the downside to this neoprene is it is easier to tear and rip. A similar problem is happening with dry suits and fishing waders, the lighter more breathable material is becoming more popular but also has less durability and less puncture resistance. 

Here are some easy at home repair options. 

Aquaseal FD is a clear, waterproof adhesive that can patch rips, holes and seams. Once dried the material is flexible rubber that can bend and move with the material it is bonded to. Can be used with the cure accelerant(formally known as Cotol) for fast drying for quick repairs. Use multiple layers to build up durability in easy to puncture areas such as glove finger tips. 

Best for repairs that require a flexible waterproof seal. Works on Neoprene, rubber, nylon, canvas and vinyl

Instructions for use:

1. Clean and dry the material, make sure there is no dirt, sand, oils or salt residue. Have the material on a level hard surface and use latex gloves to protect your skin.

2. If repairing a hole or puncture create a backing with tape to ensure the Aquaseal FD does not spread to other areas. 

3. If using with cure accelerator mix 3-4 parts Aquaseal FD to 1 part cure accelerator in a plastic container. 

4. Fill hole spreading the Aquaseal FD past the damaged area at least 1/2"or 12mm. For large punctures or high use area more layers may be required. Allow each layer to cure before adding more layers of Aquaseal FD

5. Keep level until fully cured which is 8 to 12 hours or 2 hours when used with cure accelerator.

Aquaseal NEO(formally called Seal Cement) is a durable contact cement. Bonds materials together best for rips, seam splits and tears. Used for replacing latex wrist, neck and ankle seals on most dry suits. Fast drying for quick repairs. 

Best for repairs on bonding different materials together such as Neoprene, rubber and latex.

Instructions for use:

1. Clean and dry the area. Make sure there is no debris or old glue from previous repairs. Wear gloves for your protection

2. Apply a thin layer of the cement on both edges of a tear and dry for 5 minutes or until tacky. Apply a second coat and dry for 10 minutes.

3. Press and hold edges or materials together and allow to dry for 20 minutes. 

Tip: When using with latex seals you should lightly rough the surface with sand paper where the contact cement will be applied on both the suit and the seal.

Aquaseal FD
Aquaseal NEO
MaterialThermoset UrethaneHeat resistant contact cement
Cure time8-12 hours(2 hours with Cure accelerator)20 minutes 
Recommend useNeoprene wetsuit repair, fishing wader's, 
neoprene gloves, booties, dry suit seams
Bonding seams on neoprene rubber, gloves, booties
spray skirts, replacing latex seals on dry suit
2024 Mar 27th

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