Going on a Liveaboard? Here's a list of things to bring

Going on a Liveaboard? Here's a list of things to bring

They say that once you've been on a liveaboard dive trip, you'll never want to do it any other way! 

Living on the boat for a week or longer and all you do is wake up, eat, dive, have a snack, maybe take a nap, dive, eat, dive, nap, dive, eat, sleep. Next day: repeat! It's a great way to do a ton of diving and see all the great sites that are not easily accessible. 

The best thing about a liveaboard is that you "live" on the boat for the entire trip! The downside of a liveaboard is that you "live" on the boat the entire trip. In other words, it's got it's pros and it's cons. The biggest challenge is ensuring that you haven't forgotten any much-needed gear or accessories for your trip because they likely won't have spares onboard.

Here is a list of some important things to bring with you:

Save-a-Dive Kit - If you don't need it, at some point your dive buddy will so you'll be saving the day for someone.

Dive Alert - Super loud! Great to get your buddy's attention underwater, or someone at the surface.

Nautilus Lifeline - Get the boat's attention and send out your GPS location in an emergency. This is the piece of gear that you hope you never need to use!

Dive Reel & Marker Buoy - Let surface traffic know where your location underwater.

Reef Hook - Very handy to have if you end up in an area with lots of current.

Reuasable Water Bottle - Handy for travel through airports and on the plane. Avoid one-use cups on the boat.

Spring Straps - Getting your fins off at the surface before you board the boat can be an exercise of precise timing. Don't mess around with a traditional strap/buckle setup. Spring straps are the way to go!

UV Sun Shirt - Stay protected from the sun while being environmentally friendly by using a reusable product.

UV Neck Protection - Whether it's sitting on the boat waiting to enter the water, or while you're snorekeling, this will protect your neck and face from unwanted sunburns.

Sunscreen - When the most reef-friendly sunscreen is required, this is the stuff you want.

Marker Light - Adds to your visibility to other divers while night diving and even during the daytime.

Flexsafe - Keep your valuables safe and secure.

2022 Aug 25th

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