Cressi Baron Dry Full Face Mask

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Enjoy snorkeling with a full face snorkeling mask that allows you to breath through your mouth and nose in a more natural way. No more jaw fatigue from biting down on a snorkel mouthpiece. Features an unobstructed 180° field of vision and an anti-fog window. The snorkel has a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water, ensuring a dry snorkeling experience. Not recommended for freediving.


  • Designed with extremely high-quality materials and technology
  • Visual field is 30% larger than normal full face masks
  • New air baffle design completely eliminates fogging
  • Natural breathing through the nose and mouth
  • Snorkel attached off to the side for a more natural snorkeling design
  • Safety valve for purging water
  • Improved comfort for prolonged use
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Warranty Information

Two (2) years from the date of purchase. Exceptions: Alterations in the color of the silicone, all damage due to exposure to the sun or the effect of chemical or environmental agents, damage due to negligence, improper use, blows, or normal wear and tear.
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