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Garage Utility Kit

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  • Garage Utility Kit
  • Garage Utility Kit - Use your scuba tank
  • Garage Utility Kit - Tools & Accessories
  • Garage Utility Kit - Adapters
  • Garage Utility Kit - Coil Hose

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Handy 15-piece kit operates popular utilities tools by using the pressure of your scuba tank and regulator. No air compressor required to do a variety of tasks around the house. Coiled air hose is adapted to fit the low pressure port of a scuba regulator. The female I/M plug, male coupling, and female coupling allow for expansion of your kit with more tools and accessories.

Use this for:

  • Inflating car or bike tires
  • Inflating soccer ball or basket ball
  • Blow off dirt and desk from your workbench
  • Inflate balloons
  • Operate nail gun or paint sprayer
  • Grind rust off of metal
  • Spackle your walls


  • Blow gun
  • Ball foot chuck
  • Tire gauge
  • Mail I/M plugs (x2)
  • Female I/M plug
  • Male coupling
  • Female coupling
  • Safety nozzle,
  • Tapered inflator tip
  • Inflation needles (x2)
  • Rubber blow gun tip
  • 25 ft nylon recoil hose
  • Universal coupler


  • Size: 1/4" NPT male and female threads
  • Style: I/M Industrial

I/M is interchangeable with:

  • Campbell Hausfeld - I/M styles
  • Milton - M styles
  • Amflo - Type D
  • Camel - Type D
  • Trufalte - I/M styles

Be sure to follow all accompanying directions and warnings carefully Regulator first stage must have over-pressure relief. This can be either an attached second stage or an over-pressure valve.

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