Gear Bags & Hangers

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Types of Bags

Travel Bags

If you're heading to the airport, it's nice to have a bag specifically for your dive gear. Scuba travel bags are designed specifically for the unique requirements of dive gear and will include things like a regulator pocket, fin pockets, and waterproof compartments for dry gear. Travel bags will usually be a roller-style bag or a heavy duty backup.

Always ensure that your large gear bag meets the requirements for the airline that you're traveling with. Double check with any island hopper airlines that you will be taking as well as their requirements are often much more strict compared to the larger commercial airlines. 

Mesh Duffel / Backpack

A mesh bag or duffel is not ideal for checking at the airport (you don't want to advertise your expensive gear to everyone in the room), but they are great for transporting your gear to the beach, the dive boat, or just to the pool. The mesh material is perfect for allowing your wet gear to drip and then air dry and not get moldy and smelly. Mesh bags are usually quite compact so they're easy to pack in your luggage or stow in the corner on the boat when not in use.

Regulator Bag

You spent a lot of money on your regulator set, so keeping it safe while in storage or travel is a must. A regulator bag is designed specifically to fit your regulator set and usually has space for other small items, like your dive computer. The padded material will help keep your expensive regulators safe and sound. For travel, it makes a perfect "personal item" when flying to your dive destination and takes the weight off your checked bags.

Dry Bags & Boxes

Dry Bags

When you're out diving, there will be items you'll want to keep dry: change of clothes, towel, sunglasses, log book, etc. A dry bag is perfect for keeping these items safe and dry. Most dry bags are easy to use with a main entry point that rolls down to form a waterproof seal. Even a small dry bag is good to keep your shorts and tshirt dry and safe.

Dry Boxes

Sometimes you need to keep items dry and safe from getting broken. Small dry boxes are perfect for delicate items like sunglasses, eyeglasses, camera accessories, car keys & remotes. Dry boxes are usually dry and pressure rated for snorkeling, but not usually scuba diving. So leave the dry box on the boat rather than taking down on a dive with you.


Storing your gear in a bag is ok while you're traveling on a trip or heading out to the dive site. But not a great way to store some of your gear for extended periods of time. For example, wetsuits should not be stored folded for an extended length of time because they'll crease and ruin the material. We have a selection of hangers that are made specifically for dive gear including wetsuits, BCDs, hoods, gloves, boots, and drysuits. Some hangers are great to have at home for storage while others fold up and are perfect to take with you on vacation.