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Scuba Force Black Devil Wing 32

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  • Scuba Force Black Devil Wing 32
  • Scuba Force Black Devil Wing 32 - Black
  • Scuba Force Black Devil Wing 32 - power inflator

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Single tank wing for use with most standard backplate and harness setups. 


  • Made with 1000 cordura outer shell and nylon inner bladder
  • Donut style prevents air getting trapped in any area
  • Standard power inflator on upper left hand side
  • OPV dump valve on lower left side
  • Padded roll bar on either side of the grommets keep the tank stable but the wing can also be used with a single tank adapter mount if desired
  • Wing has lift capacity of 32lb (15 litres) 

Use: Cold or warm water scuba diving, travel-friendly
Style: 360 degree wing
Lift: 32lbs**
Outer Shell: 1000 cordura outer shell 
Inner Bladder: nylon inner bladder

*Optional wing colors: Black, Gray, Red (contact us for availability)

**This wing is tested for buoyancy with approximately 8 pounds of gear attached, making it equivalent to a 40 lbs wing in other brands

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