Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light

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  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - Flex Connect Mount
  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - Ball Mount
  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - 5000 Lumens
  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - Easy Mode
  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - Advanced Mode
  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - YS Mount
  • Sea Dragon 5000+ COB LED Photo-Video Light - Protective Cover

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Ultimate underwater video and photo light that will provide professional quality lighting for all levels of underwater photographers. The Sea Dragon 5000+ with Color Boost combines red and white light frequencies for a balanced, warm effect underwater. The Color Boost feature adds warmth by adding a light hue of red to provide a warm, 3700 Kelvin color temperature. Brightness can be boosted to 6000 lumen for a 2 minute time (to conserve power). Red light provides a "stealth" mode that won't spook the fish while your camera focuses.

Bulb: 1 x Bridgelux Gen 8 V18 COB LED array; 2x Luminus SST10-R red LEDs
Brightness: 5000 continuous lumens with 2-minute 6000 lumen boost.
Red light:  220 lumens

Brightness Levels: Easy Mode: 5000 lumens → 5000 lumens + Color Boost →  3000 lumens → 1500 lumens → Stealth mode (red only) → repeat cycle; Advanced mode: 5000 lumens →5000 lumens + Color Boost → 6000 lumens → 6000 lumens +Color Boost → 3000 lumens → 3000 lumens + Color Boost → 1500 lumens → Stealth mode (red only)
Color5000K @ white light (without Color Boost); 3700K @ 5000 lumens Color Boost; 4000K @6000 lumens Color Boost; 2700K @ 3000 lumens Color Boost
CRI: 90 for COB wide beam LED
Beam Angle (degrees)White Light: 120° on land / 90° underwater; Red light: 88° on land / 66° underwater
BatteryLi-ion 14.8V, 3400 mAh, 50Wh (included)
Battery Charge Time: 135 min
Battery Burn Time: 3.3 hours at 1500 lumens; 1.7 hours at 3000 lumens and 60 minutes at 5000 lumens with Color Boost. Using 6000 lumen max brightness for 2-minutes reduces run time. SOS and Blinking run time is 40+ hours with fully charged battery
Depth Rated: 330ft / 100m
LED Life Span: 35,000 hrs
Dimensions: 5.0” x 3.2” x 2.5” (128mm x 82mm x 64mm) (head only)
Weight19.7 ounces (557 grams) head with battery on land
BuoyancyNegative; -111 grams underwater (Light Head only)

*CRI is a measure of a light source’s ability to show object colors “realistically” or “naturally” compared to daylight, which has a CRI of 100 and represents the maximum value.

The beam angles for the Sea Dragon lights are shown as the true, tested “in-air” (above water) beam angle. Underwater, due to light refraction, the angle tightens to approximately 33% less.

Easily expand with the Flex-Connect family of accessories including grips, arms, trays, and adapters. The Flex-Connect system allows you to expand your set-up with a variety of lights, strobes and accessories for any underwater environment that you encounter. All Flex-Connect accessories click apart easily to be stowed very compact for travel and storage.

In the Box:

  • Sea Dragon 5000+ with Color Boost™  Photo/Video Light Head
  • Flex-Connect YS Adapter
  • 1” ball joint adapter
  • 50 Wh Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Charging tray
  • International Plug Adapters (US/EU/UK/AU)
  • Spare O-rings
  • O-ring lubricant
  • O-ring removal tool
  • Protective Neoprene Cover
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