Making your online shopping a little greener

Making your online shopping a little greener

Since the pandemic hit online shopping is at an all time high. Here are some of the steps we are taking to help keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Shipping box with empty spaceshipping box cut down to sizeStream 2 Sea eco packaging

1. Re-using packing materials. Any boxes and packing materials on incoming shipments is reused for outgoing shipments. 

2. Shipping in the smallest size box possible. I know I hate it when I get a huge box with only a few small items in it. Our shipping department takes the time to find the right size box or we will cut a box down to fit. We keep wasted space to a minimum. This means more parcels can fit on each truck making them more efficient. 

3. Being a brick and click store. We have a physical brick and mortar store plus our online store. This allows us to carry more inventory reducing the number of separate shipments we get in cutting down on carbon. 

4. Updating and adding to descriptions and sizing guidelines to to make products more accurate and cut down on returns. Returning items doubles the shipping carbon footprint. We want to make sure our products are as clear as possible. If there is any item you are unsure you can contact us for advise. 

5. Supporting brands that are using more eco-friendly practices and packaging. Unfortunately so many product are still wrapped in plastic but slowly brands are starting to re-think packaging. Brands such as the Stream 2 Sea sunscreen are package in bottles made from sugar cane resin and recycled plastic. Many snorkel sets are bagged in reusable mesh bags. Henderson wetsuits now make the Greenprene wetsuit made from recycled and plant based materials. 

How you can help reduce your carbon footprint?

Re-usable water bottleVirtual shopping

1. Make sure the boxes we send you get re-used or recycled. 

2. Combine orders if possible. Check with your friends, family and dive buddies for items they may need as well to get it shipped together. 

3. Consider items with multiple uses. Too often dive boats hand out single use plastic cups or bottles. Bring your own re-usable water bottle for the dive trip. It's not just straws and bags either that make a difference. Consider buying product of higher quality that you will use for 10-15 years not just 2 or 3 years. Also products that can be used for multiple sports, ie: wetsuits for scuba diving in the tropics make great wetsuits for watersports in the summer.   

3. Do your research and be sure you are ordering the right item. Read the descriptions, contact us with questions and check reviews to get the right items/size to avoid returns. 

2021 Jan 5th

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