Sealife Cameras: What Accessories Do I Need?

Sealife Cameras: What Accessories Do I Need?

The Flex-Connect System

Sealife has been developing underwater photography cameras and accessories since the early 90’s. A few years ago, Sealife introduced the Sea Dragon lighting system and its innovative Flex-Connect system. The Flex-Connect accessories include a huge range of grips, arms, trays, and adapters. It’s easy to use, good quality manufacturing, and compact for travel.  

All of the Flex-Connect accessories “click” into place making it super easy to use. It’s like using lego blocks to build your camera system. While the system is designed with the Sealife cameras in mind, they will work nicely with non-Sealife cameras, strobes, and lights. See below for various adapters to make your system work for you.

Here are some of the Flex-Connect Accessories and how you might find them useful. Click on the photo for a link to our website with more details and current pricing.

Sea Dragon Grip

Sea Dragon Light Grip

Grip vs Handle

The Flex-Connect Grip will come with most of the Sea Dragon lighting packages and is meant to give you a nice grip to hold onto your camera system.

The Flex-Connect Handle is nice to have if you want to use your light without the camera system, for example on a night dive. You could easily just use the Grip, however the Handle is a bit smaller and doesn’t have the male-end connecting piece at the bottom. But in a pinch, the grip would work for a dive light handle.

Sea Dragon Flex Arm

Flex Arm

The Flex Arm clicks easily onto the Grip and will extend your lighting or strobe by 7 inches and will bend 100 degrees in any direction.

Moving your strobes or lights away from the camera will create some neat lighting and shadow effects and will help to eliminate backscatter (the tiny particles of “dust” you see in your photos or video).

Sea Dragon Micro Tray

Sea Dragon Single Tray

Sea Dragon Duo Tray

Micro vs Single vs Dual Trays

The Micro Tray is perfect for adding a single light or strobe to a smaller camera such as the Sealife Micro 2.0 or the GoPro cameras.

The Single Tray will allow you to add a single strobe or light with the Sealife DC2000 or earlier DC cameras. Most of the Sea Dragon lights and strobe will come with the single tray and grip.

The Dual Tray is perfect when you have 2 lighting units, either 2 strobes, 2 lights, or 1 or each.

Sea Dragon GoPro Mount

GoPro Camera Mount

The Single Tray is perfect for use with smaller cameras like the GoPro and can easily mount to the tray with the GoPro Mount.

Sea Dragon Cold Shoe Mount

Cold Shoe
Easily mount a light or smaller camera (such as the GoPro) to your Sealife camera with the Cold Shoe. The Cold Shoe slides onto the camera’s built-in mount and has a Flex-Connect connection to add either a Sea Dragon Light or the GoPro Adapter.

Adding a Red Focus Light to your Cold Shoe:  The new Sea Dragon 3000 lumen light features a red “stealth mode” beam that helps you search out creatures at night without spooking them and assists with focusing your camera. Alternatively, the Red Fire Filter will have the same effect and can be used on any of the Sea Dragon lights.

Sea Dragon Fire Filter

Red Fire Filter

The Red Fire Filter can be easily snapped on and off any Sea Dragon light to get a red “stealth mode” effect that won't spook fish.

Sea Dragon GoPro Flex Connect

GoPro Adapter with Flex Connect

Add this to the Cold Shoe in order to mount your GoPro Camera on top of the Sealife Camera.

Sea Dragon Ball Joint

Using non-Sealife Cameras
Easily expand your existing camera if it is not a Sealife brand camera.

The Ball Joint snaps onto any Sea Dragon Light or Strobe and can be connected with the Ball Clamp to other brands of arms & trays.

Ball & Clamp for non-Sealife Cameras

Ball & Arm Kit

Sea Dragon Flex Connect Ball

Sea Dragon Flex Connect YS Mount

Using non-Sealife Lights or Strobes
Easily expand your Sealife camera with non-Sealife brand strobes or lights.

The Flex Connect Ball Joint can be paired with the Ball Clamp to connect your existing Flex Connect Tray, Grip, and Arm with other brands of lights or strobes that use the clamp-type connection.

The Flex Connect YS Adapter will connect with your existing Flex Connect Tray, Grip, and Arm with other brands of lights or strobes that use the YS screw type connection.

Lenses (For current info on lenses, see our Blog)
There are 3 wet lenses currently available for the DC2000 camera.

Sealife 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens: (discontinued)

  • Will increase your field of view by 100%
  • Angle of View: Increases from 46° to 100°
  • Can be used in macro, super macro, and auto focus

Sealife 0.75x Wide Angle Conversion Lens: (discontinued)

  • for the DC2000 camera increases your field-of-view by 33%
  • Angle of View: Increases from 46° to 61°
  • Can be used in macro, super macro, and auto focus

Sealife Super Macro Lens: (discontinued)

  • Captures stunning macro images from 1.5” to 4” (4cm to 10cm)

2018 Dec 28th Angie Garred

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