OMS Back-Inflate BCD - Single Tank

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  • OMS 32lb wing with steel backplate
  • OMS 32lb wing with steel backplate and deluxe harness
  • OMS 32lb wing with steel backplate Side view
  • OMS 32lb wing with steel backplate - Stainless steel tank bands
  • OMS 32lb wing color options
  • OMS Package - Wing & Backplate - Single Tank - Red
  • OMS Package - Wing & Backplate - Single Tank - Aqua
  • OMS Package - Wing & Backplate - Single Tank - Yellow

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One of the benefits of diving a wing & backplate versus a traditional BCD is the flexibility and options that are available. These setups are modular in that various parts can be substituted to suit your type & style of diving.

For example, diving cold water you will want a stainless steel backplate to redistribute weight from your belt and onto your back. Going tropical diving? Just swap out the backplate for a lighter aluminum plate and everything else stays the same. The harness (either traditional or deluxe) may be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate your thinner 3mm wetsuit versus your bulky 7mm wetsuit or drysuit. The type and size of wing can be easily swapped as well. Choose from a variety of weight-integrated pockets and move them to where you need them - front hips, back tank band top, or back tank band bottom.

This type of setup easily folds up into a duffel bag making it perfect for the traveling scuba diver. Much more compact and lightweight (with aluminum backplate) compared to a traditional jacket-style BCD.


*Optional harness/wing colors: Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Aqua, Yellow, Orange (limited edition colors, contact us for availability)

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Warranty Information

Two (2) years from the original purchase date OMS warrants the BCD to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.
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