Big Blue Lights


Recreational Dive Lights

Excellent affordability for high output LED lights! Big Blue recreational lights are housed in anodized aluminum for maximum durability. Variety of combo pack options to build a light package that meets the needs of every level of diver. Changeable light heads allow you to switch your lighting depending on your task or environment.

Video Lights

Extra-wide beam angles to help illuminate the whole picture. Big Blue video lights provide maximum visibility in dark or murky water. Even light distribution ensures no bright spots in your underwater video or photo. Combine your video lights with a variety of mounting options including arms, trays, and mounts.

Technical Dive Lights

Dependability is key for technical dive gear and that includes your lights. The Big Blue technical lights are packed with required features like maximum light output, long run-times, narrow beam angles, and affordability.

Changeable Light Heads

Change up your light head to fit your needs without buying a whole other light. Switch between wide or narrow beam depending on your task or environment. Check the chart to see what fits your existing Big Blue light. Or use for planning your next Big Blue light purchase.