Saekodive Moray Mask (with Pre-Made Optical Prescription Lenses)

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  • Moray Mask - Black
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  • Moray Mask- Black/Blue
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  • Choosing the correct optical corrective lens
  • Moray Mask - Optical Lens
  • Moray II Mask - Bifocal Lower Third Readers
  • Moray Mask - Positive Optical Lens
  • Moray with Bifocal Lens

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This is a very good fitting, average size mask, one of our top sellers. Optical lenses available for a variety of vision corrections. The soft, high quality silicone skirt ensures a good fit on your face. The side buckles keep the silicone strap securely on your head.

Skirt: Soft, high quality silicone 
Vision: Two lens design provides good field of view 
Volume: Low volume mask fits close to face 
Type of Fit: Average size face
Lens: Tempered glass

FREE! Plastic mask case and comfy strap cover!

Generic optical corrective lenses are included with this mask and includes installation of the lenses. The lenses are made of tempered glass and replace the plain glass lens in the mask (installation included). Lenses are not your exact eye prescription, but are very close and will work very well for most people. Consult your eye physician for an estimate on the lenses that would be best suited for you. Because these are generic lenses, we have them in stock and can build you a mask with optical lenses in only a few minutes! 

What Diopter & Lens To Choose:


What are your needs?

I can see great without lenses or I wear contact lenses:

  • This is a great mask without the corrective lenses! More Info

I can see close-up, but not distance:

  • You are "near-sighted" and require a NEGATIVE diopter lens
  • Negative (-) diopter lenses are availabe from -1.0 to -10.0 in 0.5 increments
  • Addtional cost: Included in price

I can see far away, but not close-up:

  • You are "far-sighted" and require a POSITIVE diopter lens
  • Positive (+) diopter lenses are available from +1.0 to +6.0 in 0.5 increments
  • Additional cost: $10 per lens

I can see ok overall, but I am unable to read my gauges or use my camera:

  • You may just need some READERS to read close-up
  • Reader lenses have a small correction lens only in the lower 1/3 of the mask lens
  • Positive Reader lenses are available from +1.0 to +4.0 in 0.5 increments -
  • Additional cost: $10 per lens
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Warranty Information

Saekodive warrants to the original retail owner that all of its products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.
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1 Review

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    For info

    Posted by Cary Manahan on 2020 Feb 19th

    Hi guys , I bought this mask awhile back with the corrective lens in them . Just reporting back that at first the mask was a tight fit in the nose but after some use and working in , the mask is a go ! The lenses work great ! Love the hard case for air transport in my luggage. The looks I get when you take off your glasses and put these on and function properly are awesome!

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