Prescription Masks

Prescription Masks

Can't see the fish? Having trouble reading your gauges? Perhaps a dive or snorkel mask with your prescription is the answer. We offer a variety of masks that may be fitted with generic optical lenses that closely match your prescription. While it is not your exact eyeglass prescription, it is very close and will work very well for most people. Also available are bifocal readers, located at the bottom of the mask to assist with reading your gauges, dive computer, or working your underwater camera. 

How long will it take: We stock the optical lenses at our warehouse. We can usually build your mask the same day and ship it to you right away. No waiting, quick turn-around!

Complicated prescription: While we find the generic lenses will work for about 95% of people, sometimes it just doesn't work. We can do custom lenses that will match your exact prescription. Prices for the lenses range from $300-$400 plus the price of the mask and will take approximately 4-5 weeks for delivery. Please contact us for more information.

Choosing your lenses: Not sure what to select for your lenses, please consult with your optometrist for advice on choosing a generic optical lens for a dive mask. Click on the product photos for a guideline as well.


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